Dryer , Dryer Don`t let your pants catch on fire!

Dryer Safety should be on everyone's mind. Over 14,000 House fires a year are Started by Dryers and that should be a statistic that would encourage us to properly maintain them. Cleaning the vent each year is one of the most important steps toward Dryer safety. Most Home Owners can perform this task themselves, but you can have it done by a professional if yours is too challenging. One of the problems that Homeowners can face is if the builder left them with a less than desirable dryer vent system. This could mean anything from a vent that is less than 4 inches in diameter, one that collects water underground, to a dryer vent that exceeds the total equivalent length for the dryer to vent right (the elbows and straight length add up to too much resistance for proper airflow). Over the next few weeks we will cover:

1: Proper Vent system

2: Proper Vent cleaning

3: Cleaning your Dryer (Lint on the inside)

4: Proper vent connectors

5: Items not to dry

Solving these problems will reduce your chance of a dryer fire, save energy (Money), reduce drying time, and save wear and tear on your Dryer element and other Dryer parts.

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